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We provide all sort of recruitment, HR outsourcing and recruiters for hire. We provide complete service to the client from the first step of recruitment candidate search to Appointment of right candidate for the clients quickly. Industalent have well-managed interview specialist related to different fields also that allows us to provide right service to the clients.

Perfectalent has emerged a leader in providing human resource solutions to some of the best companies. Considered one of the top recruitment firms, we provide manpower solutions to both IT and non-IT sectors.

Construction & Engineering Recruitment

At Outsource2india, we understand how vulnerable real estate and the construction industries are to the market fluctuations, real estate prices, and government policies. Therefore, we offer a bouquet of affordable services to help them.

Finance & Banking Recruitment

Our clients belonging to the Banking and Finance Industry always have a lot on their plate like dealing with market crashes, fraudulent transactions, money laundering, people defaulting on payments etc. Outsource2india eases their operational burden by reliably handling their mundane business operations.

Graduate Recruitment

Partnering with outsourcing companies helps Graduate Candidate stay relevant in the face of competition and maximize student enrollments without having to cut down on resources and budget, compromise on the data security, forgo their objectives, or dilute the quality of the education.

E-Commerce Recruitment

e-Commerce is a rapidly booming industry which needs real time updating of data, inventory, product recommendations, images, logistics, etc. to name a few. Team at Outsource2india is well-versed with the challenges faced by your industry and can help you overcome those with ease.


Telecom companies outsource their routine, but critical tasks to O2I to save time address their core capabilities, meet the increased connectivity demands and tackle rising security issues while innovating new devices and spectrums in compliance with the emerging technologies.

Human Resource Recruitment

Human Resource is a main important part of any industries, Company and Other Sector. with outsourcing companies helps Graduate Candidate stay relevant in the face of competition and maximize student enrollments without having to cut down on resources and budget.

IT Recruitment

An information technology (IT) recruiter specializes in hiring individuals to fill information technology positions in a variety of industries. The recruiter may fill either permanent positions or temporary, project-based jobs.

Non-IT Recruitment

It includes non technical sectors like: Banking & Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceuticals/Health care, Aviation, Manufacturing, Chemical/Petrochemical, Construction, Advt./Mass Communication/event Management etc.

Medical Recruitment

In the present environment of nursing & healthcare professional’s shortage, finding the right candidates to fill clinical roles can be a challenge. Perfectalent’s Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides a planned, value-based recruitment outsourcing solutions to fill your clinical positions.

Recruitment consultants Jobs

Recruitment consultants are responsible for attracting candidates for jobs and matching them to temporary or permanent positions with client companies. You'll build positive relationships in order to gain a better understanding of your clients' recruitment needs and requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing. It is a business model where a company outsources the management of the recruitment function (in whole or part) to a third party expert to drive cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability benefits.

strategic business partners

A small business, for example, might partner with an industry-specific organization or association in order to reach a specific target market. Access to that member base allows the small business to promote its products or services and show its relevance to that audience.

Supply Chain Recruitment

As leading Supply Chain recruitment specialists we understand the seismic impact technology has made to Supply Chains in recent years and the change this has prompted in the nature and shape of Supply Chain roles.