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Creative Plans ?

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is the cost of recruitment. For many HR departments, recruiting costs are thought of as simple cost-per-hire without any thought of the true costs associated with hiring (recruiting cost ratio or RCR). The national average RCR in 2012 was 13.9%, but Accolo’s average RCR is less than 6.5%.

According to SHRM, the national average for time to fill in 2016 was 42 days. Given the increased difficulty finding qualified candidates, it’s probably higher today. If a position is particularly difficult to fill, or requires specific skills or expertise, it can be even longer. RPO helps solve recruitment problems and shorten time-to-fill by having access to large databases of candidates, and the experience to market tough jobs and source top candidates.

It’s frustrating for hiring managers when they only have mediocre candidates to consider for their open positions. No one wants to make an offer to the “least worst” candidate, but it happens when recruitment marketing and sourcing only attract mediocre candidates. A RPO partner solves this challenge by only providing top candidates to hiring managers.