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How Does On-Demand Recruitment Work?

On-demand recruiting is a recruiting service provided on an hourly or project basis. Think of it as “renting” a recruiter to extend your organization’s in-house talent acquisition function.

On-demand recruitment is a specialized recruiting solution with a focus on flexibility, speed and industry-specific talent expertise. When your internal recruitment team needs a little extra help or if your organization has limited resources, think of it as “leasing” a team of recruiters to enhance your organization’s in-house talent acquisition capabilities. On-demand recruitment provides you with the flexibility of choosing when and for how long you need talent acquisition services based solely on your needs.

The service is designed to be very flexible. On-demand recruiters might focus on sourcing to build a candidate pipeline, or they might provide full-cycle recruiting support. They might spend time working on-site at your place of business, or they might work remotely from the service provider’s office.

On-demand recruiting solutions differ from traditional staffing agencies and contract recruiters in that they can scale up or down instantly according to client need, they bring easy to implement recruiting programs, cutting-edge talent technology and processes and work closely with the hiring manager for the length of the engagement.